500ml Gravy Fat Separator Jug
Make healthier gravies using this fat separator. Simply pour your gravy, roast drippings or soup stock through the top strainer and within minutes the oily fat will rise to the top leaving you with a liquid separated from fat and...
Set of 3 Mason Cash Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
The Mason Cash Set of 3 Measuring Cups are the perfect addition to any bakers kitchen. Made from stainless steel the set contains 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/4 Cup which stacks inside each other for easy storage. Approx. Product Dimensions:...
Set of 3 In The Forest Stoneware Measuring Cups
Each measuring cup is intricately embossed with forest scenes inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th Century. Perfect for keen bakers. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave. Includes 1 x 1 cup measure, 1 x 1/2 cup measure and 1 x...
Set of 3 Measuring Jugs
These simple, sturdy plastic jugs are designed for no-nonsense everyday cooking. Forget useless features and overcomplicated measurement markings – these jugs have uncluttered metric and imperial measures that couldn’t be easier to read. They’re perfect for busy home chefs. Approx....

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