Mermaid Tales Village Candle Fantasy Fragrance
The indigo hue of the sea is the mysterious backdrop for the meandering mermaid. A mystical sea creature that holds beauty and magical powers. Much like fairies, each mermaid sprinkles magical folklore and tales in all she encounters. Mermaids mystify...
Sea Salt Cucumber Scented Village Candle Agave Leaf Fragrance
Be refreshed with this invigorating blend of cucumber, agave leaf and sea salt.  A fragrance experience that's beautiful in any room in your home. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7 X H17.2 CM.
Rosemary Lavender Village Scented Candle Iris Flower Fragrance
A perfect fusion of herbs and flora, this fragrance captures the intricacies of the natural world. Blooming with lush lavender, royal iris and fresh notes of rosemary, this is a fragrance that flourishes with brilliant light and a profoundly balanced...
Clarity Scented Village Candle Bergamot And Citrus Fragrance
The beautiful scent of Clarity provides the essence of a cool stream infused with the surprising notes of citrus and bergamot, allowing the energy of your life to propel you forward to destinations unknown. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7...
Purity Scented Village Candle Water Waves Tides Nature Fragrance
The refreshing scent of Purity creates the feeling of being by the water. This brings a sense of renewal like the crashing of waves and the rising tide erases the signs of the day. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7...
Pure Linen Scented Village Candle Flower Fragrance
This airy fresh fragrance evokes the pleasures of fresh laundered cotton and the prettiness of white flowers. Clean, delicate and effortlessly beautiful to ease you into your comfort zone. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7 X H17.2 CM.
Mountain Retreat Scented Village Candle Berry Amber Fragrance
A rustic, warm beauty surrounds as mountain peaks can be seen in the distance. Inspired and awesome, this scene offers both a feeling of peace and exhilaration.  An aromatic blend of deep red berries, warm amber and crushed peppercorns evokes...
Tropical Getaway Scented Village Candle Sweet Exotic Fragrance
Dive into some serious island vibe with this ultimate getaway fragrance. Think blue skies and little umbrella drinks. Like a vacay for the senses, this tropical temptation is whipped up with the most luscious ingredients – crushed pineapple and creamy...
Awaken Scented Village Candle Eucalyptus Spearmint Fragrance
The beautiful scent of Awaken lights a path to instant energy and exhilaration. Fragrant eucalyptus brings cleansing and clarifying benefits, while leafy green spearmint provides a light, bright effect. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7 X H17.2 CM.
Unicorn Dreams Scented Village Candle Fantasy Fragrance
Enter the playful fantasy land where mystical unicorns dance to rainbow colours and confectionery kisses. Magical dreams conjure up sweet and fruity notes of tart lemon, strawberry wishes, hot pink candied cherries and lime confetti as your inner unicorn delicately...
Body And Mind Scented Village Candle Bergamot Iris Fragrance
The beautiful scent of Body and Mind brings a sense of coolness, crispness and fresh air notes to life. A cleansing mix of bergamot and Iris, like a gentle breeze blowing through a meadow in fresh bloom. Approx. Product Dimensions:...
Black Bamboo Scented Village Candle Lotus Fern Cedar Fragrance
Intriguing and a little mysterious, our Black Bamboo fragrance is so much more than a scent. It’s a meditation on luxury, inspiration and dreams to be fulfilled. A mesmerizing blend of lotus flower, fresh bamboo and cedar creates an unforgettable...
Juicy Grapefruit Scented Village Candle Apricot Cassis Fragrance
The perfect pop of citrus to start off your morning or to inspire in the afternoon. The tartness of fresh grapefruit tickles your nose, while sweet apricot, cassis and sandalwood balance this energising fragrance. Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7...
Spiced Noir Village Candle 26oz Scented Glass Jar Christmas Fragrance
This addictively layered scent offers lush, spicy notes to evoke a rich, magnetic world of dark and light. Infused with cardamom, an ancient and highly prized spice, and an aromatic blend of black nutmeg, warm cedar and fresh musk, this...
Empower Scented Village Candle 26oz Glass Jar Pineapple Fragrance
The energising scent of Empower awakens your senses with bright pineapple, fresh flora, and sheer musk. Size: 26oz. Burn Time: up to 170 hours Approx. Product Dimensions: L9.7 X W9.7 X H17.2 CM.

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