Value Cohen Clear Drinks Trolley
Simply glamorous, the Cohen drinks trolley is perfect for keeping spirits and glassware close to hand for parties. Approx. product dimensions: Height 75 x Depth 45 cm
Value Harry Gold Drinks Trolley
Value Harry Gold Drinks Trolley is the perfect choice for entertaining at home and is sure to add instant glamor. Dimensions: W71 x D36.5 x H81.3 cm.
4pcs Stainless Steel 21/17cm Hob Covers
Hob covers are necessary for anyone who owns a stove top, whether it’s electric or gas powered. The hob cooker rings should never be constantly exposed to the open air when you’re not using them. And if you’re using another...
Tabletop Hot Stone Green Marble Metal Plate Removable Tray
This set replicates traditional grilling with its carved hot stone plate. Its green marble slab with distinctive black graining quickly absorbs the heat and submits it to the top effectively. This set has a sleek chrome finish metal frame, complemented with a matching...

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