Electric Digital Healthy Low Fat Oil Chip Non Stick Air Fryer
This fantastic Salter Hot Air Fryer is the healthy way to cook your favourite foods quickly with little or no oil. Simple and convenient with a handy 30 minute timer and 7 pre-set easy to use functions, the air fryer...
Electric 1 Litre Deep Fat Fryer Non Stick Coated Bowl 900W
Deep Fat Fryer from Quest. Features 1 litre capacity. Non-stick coated bowl. Adjustable temperature. Easy to clean. Non-slip feet for a sturdy cooking. Power: 900W
900W Stainless Steel 1.5L Non-Stick Square Deep Fat Fryer
All you need to do is fill up the container with oil, choose the temperature you want it to heat up to and then add your food! This Quest 1.5L deep fat fryer comes in a square, brushed stainless steel...
3L Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fat Fryer
3 Litre Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer. Adjustable temperature control. Easy holding with side handles. Detachable basket handle. Removeable oil container. Non-stick coating pan for easy cleaning. Immersed oil heating element. Cool zone helps the oil last longer without contamination....
Quest 2.5 Litre Electric Deep Fat Fryer 1800W White
This wonderful 1800w Deep fat fryer will be a great addition in your kitchen. Features a large 2.5 litre oil capacity and easy to use thermostat to control temperature. The food being fried can be lifted out without the need...
Progress 1l Compact Deep Fat Fryer
Indulge in homemade chips, fried chicken, Calamari and more with this compact and portable deep fat fryer from Progress, which features a 1 L capacity that makes it ideal for single-serving portions. The 950 W unit is equipped with a...

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