24cm Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Frying Pan
The perfect size for sauces and sides, this Jamie Oliver 24 cm BBQ Frying pan is a must have for any outdoor feasts. Bring your meals or barbecues to the next level. Perfect for trying out a new set of...
Tefal 28cm Star Collection Universal Strifry Wok
The days of having to soak the pan after cooking are gone with the Thermospot Tefal Star Collection Wok. With Thermo-Spot technology, the wok turns red when it's at the optimum temperature for searing food and its high-quality non-stick coating...
Tefal 24cm Black Titanium+ Excellence Thermo-Spot Frying Pan
Tefal Hard Titanium+ features Titanium excellence: a reinforced non-stick coating with an exclusive Titanium hard base. Designed for intensive use, the pan is highly resistant to all types of utensils and to the most extreme cooking techniques, maintaining its non-stick...
Tefal 28cm Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok
This Jamie Oliver by Tefal Stainless Steel 28cm wok combines modern features with premium performance that is built to last. Features Tefal's Pro Metal Pro? non-stick coating which is metal utensil safe and exceptionally easy to clean. This Wok also...

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