Waterproof Terry Towel Double Bed Mattress Protector

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Every night, while at sleep, the body releases skin flakes and body fluids that accumulate in a mattress. This mattress protector is an antimicrobial barrier between you and the mattress. It draws moisture away from skin to help balance body temperature. Protector fabric retains its natural softness to give you an extra luxury. It is capable of withstanding wear and tear or decay, a durable fabric, able to perform or compete over a long period, as by avoiding and overcoming damages to your mattress. It can be fit on most of the mattresses up to 34cm. Material is 65% Polyester & 35% cotton, (Back) Polyurethane, it is machine washable.

This set includes 1 x mattress protector, mattress protector size is 140cm x 190cm + 30cm (55" x 75" + 12") (Approx)

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Waterproof Terry Towel Double Bed Mattress Protector
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