Quest 350W 0.8 Litre White Rice Cooker

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This 0.8L rice cooker is the perfect kitchen assistant for those people looking for a quick and easy way to make rice. The rice cooker features a sleek and modern white outer shell design and has a clear lid which allows you to check on the progress of the cooking without needing to remove the lid and lose any heat. The 0.8-litre rice bowl is non-stick and fully detachable from the cooking unit, allowing you to place the bowl in the centre of the dining table if you are having guests round for tea. PLEASE NOTE the detachable bowl IS NOT dishwasher safe, so needs to be cleaned by hand. The rice cooking machine has two separate settings for cooking the rice and keeping it warm, which is perfect for those families who don't always get the chance to dine together. The rice cooker has a 1.2-metre cord and is 350W in power. The beauty of this rice cooker is it's not just a rice cooker! You can make fantastic chilli's, stews, casseroles and risottos too, allowing for the ultimate dining treats to be prepared!
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Quest 350W 0.8 Litre White Rice Cooker
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