40 Safe Laboratory Experiments Educational Toy Set

John Adams
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Use your kitchen as a laboratory! The 40-page experiment booklet will guide you through a wide variety of safe experiments based around topics in the National Curriculum with fun illustrations and clear text - as you switch between the job of scientist and chef! 40 fun experiments including making an egg shell vanish, see milk turn solid and much more! Includes a 'wipe clean activity map' and a safety poster for you to colour and spot the hazards!Contents: Goggles, pH strips, pH Card, red and blue food colouring, sand, cress, funnel, test tubes x 3, test tube bung, cardboard test tube holder, black card for use in an experiment, plastic pipette, paintbrush, plastic spoon, 50ml measuring beaker, 100ml beaker, dry wipe marker for use with the activity mat, activity mat, 'spot the hazards' A4 safety poster, 40 page instructions booklet.
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40 Safe Laboratory Experiments Educational Toy Set
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