1.75L Borosilicate Glass Storage Canister Airtight Jar

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This tall glass jar is ideal for storing your favourite pasta and dried foods. The glass jar is a tall square shape and is made from strong glass. The lid is made from bamboo with a classic rubber seal to provide airtight storage to ensure maximum flavour and freshness is preserved.Borosilicate glass is known for being durable and very heat resistant. It doesn't crack under extreme temperature changes unlike many other kinds of glass, which makes it the material of choice for a wide range of application, from cookware to laboratory use.

  • The storage jar is made frorm high-grade borosilicate,the airtight lid is made from bamboo wood
  • Perfect for storing dry foods such as pasta,cereal,noodle,flour
  • Airtight - The lid which has a silicone seal ring keeps moisture away from the food inside
  • 1.75 Litres Storage Capacity
  • Approx. Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 21cm
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1.75L Borosilicate Glass Storage Canister Airtight Jar
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